Join the 20th Life-Friendly Garden Tour this spring in Watertown!

May 6 — 1:00 to 5:00 PM

We look forward to Watertown’s 20th Life-Friendly Garden Tour! Imagine a Sunday afternoon in May, redbud and dogwood in blossom, tulips and late narcissus in bloom, where bees are buzzing, robins are singing, and either you are welcoming others to enjoy and learn from your chemical-free garden or yard, or you are the visitor, viewing flourishing […]

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National Bird, a film about the secret drone program

Feb 25 — 2 PM

Why is our government killing thousands of people around the globe they can’t even identify? See National Bird, a film directed by Sonia Kennebeck about the secret US drone assassination program. Plagued by PTSD and guilt over participating in the killing of thousands of faceless people, including children, three whistleblowers courageously decide to speak out publicly, despite […]

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Watertown Citizens Monthly Meeting – NEW LOCATION for February 21 Meeting

Feb 21 — 7:00 PM

Watertown Citizens will hold is regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:00 PM.  However due to a conflict, we will NOT be meeting in the Library as we usually do.  The meeting will be at the FIRST CHURCH, 35 CHURCH STREET.  The Church is across from the Library Parking Lot and above the […]

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Watertown Faces Climate Change Meeting

Feb 18 — 4:15 PM

The next meeting of Watertown Faces Climate Change is on Sunday, February 18  at 4:15 PM at Residence at Watertown Square, 20 Summer Street.   Contact is Ann at annmunson60@gmail.com.

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Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico: Roots of the Crisis

Feb 8 — 2:30 PM

How was the groundwork for the ongoing hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico laid by a legacy of U.S. intervention, colonialism, neo-liberal economic policy, unsustainable agricultural development, and the deepening climate crisis? How are Puerto Rican activists promoting economic sustainability and social justice? Join us for a discussion with Jovanna Garcia-Soto, Grassroots International Pedro Reina-Pérez, University of Puerto Rico Jovanna […]

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Watertown Citizens’ Refugee Support Group Meeting

Feb 7 — 7:15 PM

Agenda items include planning upcoming events about immigration and Syria addressing the needs of area refugee and asylum seekers other projects we can do to help

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“Powered by Kindness” Benefit Concert for Refugee Families Resettled Locally

Feb 3 — 7:00 PM

YOU NEVER KNOW HOW STRONG YOU ARE UNTIL BEING STRONG IS ALL YOU HAVE Welcome: Rev. Eric Wefald, Payson Park Church Belmont- A Welcoming Community: Richard McLaughlin, Police Chief P.O.W.R. Program: Grace Gaskill, Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Agency Musical Performances: Megan Henderson, Molly Jo Rivelli, Powers Music School, Carolyn & Ned Gulley, Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, and […]

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