Massachusetts Peace Action Fall 2017 Campaign Launch

Are you a student? young adult? member who wants to become more active, or organize in your local area?  new to the area?

What is Massachusetts Peace Action doing this fall? Come to this event to find out and get involved!

Our four priority campaigns:

Stop the $1 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Escalation

  • Should the president be able to start a nuclear war on his own?
  • No Fire, No Fury: Peaceful Negotiated Settlement with North Korea
  • Sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty

End War Without End

  • We need to save the Iran Nuclear Deal from Donald Trump
  • US military action in the Middle East is making matters worse. Bring the troops home
  • US should not sell arms to Saudi Arabia which it is using to destroy Yemen

Justice in Palestine/Israel

  • Boycotts are free speech. Defeat anti-Boycott legislation in State House & Congress
  • Congress must take a stand against Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories
  • Legislators should not take free trips from pro-Israel lobbyists and then vote on bills those lobbyists support

People’s Budget

  • Pass the People’s Budget: fund schools, transit, jobs, housing, environment; cut the bloated military
  • No to the Trump/ Ryan Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires and Wealthy Corporations
  • $15 an hour minimum wage; family medical leave; tax millionaires to pay for transit and schools

We will hear from leaders of each campaign about the goals, problems, and what you can practically do to help.   For the second half of the time we will break down into four small groups that will go deeper into each campaign.

Sign up to let us know you’ll be there!