Not One Penny in Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires, and Wealthy Corporations!

Not One Penny in Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires, and  Wealthy Corporations!

StopWashington has begun an historic—and disastrous – debate. President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan want to enact massive tax cuts that will mostly benefit millionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by steep cuts to Food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing, environment, education and many other vital programs we all rely on. 

Debate may begin any day now on the Republican tax and budget plan. It’s up to all of us to stop them. Please participate in this September 22 rally in Boston to say NO to the Ryan budget and tax plan and YES to the People’s Budget. 

Join members of labor, community, social justice and peace groups to: 

  • Stand up for budget priorities that promote the welfare of our families and our earth and promote peace
  • Stop the draconian Ryan Budget which savages the climate and the human needs of so many people while handing massive tax cuts to the big boys
  • Raise a call insupport of the Peoples Budget, a full budget alternative constructed for the country’s benefit by the Congressional Progressive Congress. 

Confirmed speakers:

Rich Rogers, executive secretary, Greater Boston Labor Council

Barbara Madeloni, president, Massachusetts Teachers Association

Craig Altemose, executive director, Better Future Project

Jenny BockFriends of the Earth

Michael Kane, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants

Ronel RemyCity Life/Vida Urbana

Abra Berkowitz, Cambridge Residents Alliance

Ryan’s budget resolution would make it easier for Congress to pass a massive $5.5 trillion tax giveaway for the ultra-rich and blow a hole in domestic spending for years to come. Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and Social Security are all on the chopping block. Housing, education, environment and other vital programs would be cut 50% over the next decade. 

The Congressional Progressive Caucus’ People’s Budget taxes the 1%, invests $2 trillion in jobs and reduces Pentagon spending while providing needed funds for climate, housing, education and so much more! Join us to make sure all Massachusetts members of Congress vote YES for the Peoples Budget!  

Massachusetts People’s Budget Campaign

mass-peoples-budget.org • 617-354-2169